Sunday, December 5, 2010

Review: the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

I am almost out of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil and I decided I'd write about this tiny wonder bottle.  It's 15% tea tree oil (diluted, unfortunately) and this is what the bottle says:

This antibacterial oil is diluted to 15% to help soothe and cleanse.  Apply directly to the skin to help combat spots.

Ingredients are the following:  aqua (water), alcohol denat (denatured alcohol?), melaleuca alternifolia (the tea tree oil), polysorbate 60

If we're to go by conventional wisdom, the first ingredient in an ingredient list is the most plentiful in volume, so I guess this little bottle (10ml) is actually mostly water and alcohol denat.  My next bottle is either going to be more of the same (The Body Shop) or I may spring for one of the other brands that I saw the last time I was at Beauty Bar Greenbelt 5, which have a higher percentage of melaleuca oil.

The bottle has a sort of eucalyptus-y scent, so it's actually rather pleasant.  It's definitely an oil.  I use it to  treat my skin when I feel a pimple on its way - the dreaded bump under the skin that means a pimple is on the way - no head on it - but definitely there.  I dab a little oil on the emerging pimple with a clean fingertip and that's it,  I forget about it. I re-apply at night.  Next day, the bump is smaller.  I apply some more for 2 or 3 more days to make sure that it's gone, and that's it. Usually, it's a case of "Voila!  Pimple gone!" (I also use a little of it on my feet to make sure my feet stay fresh-smelling. Sort of like foot deodorant.. Tea tree oil works!)

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