Saturday, November 27, 2010

Love your hair! - Bain Satin 3 by Kerastase Nutritive Review

With or without rebonding, my hair's natural state is kind of dry, and with the rebonding, more dry.  I made a note to buy Kerastase Bain Satin 3 in Singapore during one of my trips to visit family, and promptly forgot to look around for it. I mentioned it to the boyfriend (now ex) - that I forgot to buy, not that I wanted him to get me some - and he promptly bought me a bottle, with the matching Masquintense conditioner (Epais, for thick hair).  He experienced sticker shock (well, I didn't ask him to buy any of it!) when he spent close to a hundred dollars for the lot. And he had to FedEx it to me, but that's a whole other story.  Anyway, it was really sweet of him, bless him, whatever he's up to now.

So.  On to the bottle.  The bottle says Bain Satin.  Dosage Gluco-Active 3. Shampooing Nutrition Complete Chevaux Desseches et - oops, that's the French.  In English, Complete Nutrition Shampoo - Very Dry and Sensitized Hair.

What it says it is:  Complete Nutrition Shampoo for Very Dry and Sensitized Hair.  Complete nutrition from the roots to the ends.  Hydration of the scalp.  Soft, supple and light hair.

How to use:  Apply to damp hair. Massage, rinse and repeat.  The bottle dispenses a pearly lotion, not a thick goop.

Effect on my hair:  Leaves it light and silky.  My hair's texture smoothened, the straw-like feeling disappeared.  The ends were smooth too.  It was - well, silky smooth and fragrant smelling.  Yes, there is a light fragrance.  I've read of some being bothered by the scent, but I actually find it quite pleasant and not at all overpowering.  It's barely noticeable, you'd have to lean in to smell it.  The effects are quite lasting, and I was tempted to only shampoo twice a week, but I'm not used to Not shampooing for longer than every other day, and even if the texture and smell were still okay my scalp was not used to it.  I alternate this shampoo with the drugstore brand Clairol "None of your Frizziness", and another Kerastase shampoo Bain Oleo-Relax and it works quite well for my hair.

It's lovely!  Buy some, and love your hair.  I always have a back-up bottle.  Price: USD34 for a 250ml bottle.

Note:  this used to be THE shampoo from Kerastase's Nutritive line, for Very Dry and Sensitized Hair.  I just took a peep at the site and this shampoo's been moved to the Very Dry line - a new product, Bain Nutri-Thermique is now the star for the Very Dry and Sensitized line.  Hm, something new to try!

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